Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In order to get the creative juices flowing plus lose a few pounds I have started learning Zumba! This fun new exercise is based on latin dance and in the first DVD the instructors break down all the steps so even if you do not dance, have never danced or just plain do not have any rhythm at all, you can do this trust me! LOL. Exercise is a great motivator, I am a firm believer that if you do nothing all day long, your mind will idle and you will start forgetting things so I have to exercise in order to stay alert and basically now because I am a Mom just to keep up with my Olympic Crawler. I tell you my son should have a gold medal in crawling! He is so fast! I know some people may tell themselves you know I wish I could exercise and wonder how they can find the time to stay fit, well you know I used to be one of those people! Being a new Mom, I decided that motherhood was not going to take over my body so I put the baby in his walker and he watches Mommie exercise. He loves the music and so he dances in his walker while I salsa step, and cumbia! It is fun to watch him having fun watching me! Funny right? I think my baby may be a good dancer one day!

Watching my child, I find myself becoming more creative than I have ever been since I was 15 and first started writing poetry. I have written him cute little songs and everything. I guess there are alot of Moms who do that sing homemade songs to their babies. My baby laughs at me when I use a silly voice to sing to him but he listens to me so that is sweet.

Having him there in the room when I am working out is fun because it feels like we are doing something together and he gets to have fun because he sees me having fun and he is listening and dancing to music. Creating a positive energy for my child is important to me and I believe that this is something that adds to that positive energy

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