Wednesday, July 21, 2010

American Idol

American Idol, how we love to watch that show. Man but my favorite judge is not going to be there this year...too bad for him...anyway. My brother is auditioning for American Idol this year and I am going to be the one taking him out to the spot to register! Wow oh wow oh wow! Well, I hope he sings and does well because this is the opportunity for him to do so.

In any event, I happen to realize that there are certain people out there who have been told that they can sing and they actually cannot. Well, my brother being a mere 16 years of age is no stranger to competition. He has won national singing competitions so I am not worried that he will get out there and do his thing if given the chance. The boy is talented, he not only sings he plays the keyboard as well! He is self taught so that is motivation for you. I am proud of him for being such a go-getter and I pray that all goes well as we journey out here soon for this registration.

If he makes it I will be making my celebratory blog of course letting everyone know that my lil bro will be on American Idol! I will keep you all posted.

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