Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wyclef Jean running for president of Haiti. One person's opinion

What do I think of Wyclef Jean running for president of Haiti?

Seriously, it is a hard call because for one it can be looked upon as a publicity seeking stunt due to the fact that his interest in the Haitian government reached its peak after the disaster occurred. I know he is Haitian but I do not know if he was raised here in the U.S. or not, it doesn't matter. I do not know how close his ties are to Haiti. Plus I do not know if he is even eligible by their laws to run. So I find it hard to make a call on something that I do not know all the facts of the case on. However, as a black man he seems to be attempting to do something positive for black ppl and I find it difficult to speak ill of the situation if that be the case.

I would say this, look and listen to what others in politics are saying about him and his bid to run. Are they speaking ill of his decision and if so what are they basing their comments and opinions on? I have said that the enemy doesn't attack a person that belongs to him but only attacks when that person is doing the will of God. If Wyclef is being attacked by members of government and the media then maybe it is his calling by God to do exactly what he is doing at this moment. He certainly isn't doing it for the money. He should by now have plenty of that. He doesn't have to do what he is doing and he definitely has other choices because the situation that he is putting himself into can possibly cost him his life (assassination). I am sure he is not going into this trying to be a saint or a martyr so he must have another form of reason as to why he has chosen to go this route. God uses ppl in different ways, just because we do not understand the reason why God chose someone to do something and not another person doesn't give us the right or the free license to say that they are wrong for doing it.

Look at how the media and political groups are attacking Pres. Obama; he must be doing the will of God because ppl wouldn't attack him even now almost two years into his presidency if he wasn't. The enemy attacks when you do the will of God because he wants you to falter. God is not a God of confusion, God is a God of perfect clarity and perfect peace.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Possibly having my Memoirs published

There is a possibility that I could write a novel based on my life. I have to really think hard about this. Who I was and who I am today and how I became. I don't even know where I would start. Would I start with my days in dance? Or would I start with the day I almost drowned at five years old in the pool? Or would I start when I awoke from a dream at the age of three and ran into my parents room and asked them to tell me about Jesus. Would I tell start by telling the world that I have been attacked spiritually ever since the age of youth when I first saw something odd...or would I speak of the fact that a single incident stopped me from going to the order and instead I joined the military...how a single decision changed the possible course of my life forever...? There have been many bifurcations in the roads for me and I have been warned on each side and have ignored each warning side reaping the adverse consequence of it all...where would I start? How could I explain that there is a possible greater purpose for all of the things that I have experienced good or bad...and the insights and the blessings I have gained in between even though of course my life is far from over? How would I start and who would want to read it?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Being published

Alot of people figure that once they get published everyone will read their work. Unfortunately this is not true. Being published and being a pubished author who acutally have readers are completely different things. It takes alot of time, work and dedication to yourself as an artist and to your art in order to get noticed. Even if you do get published be aware that publishing companies that publish on demand are not always recognized as having your book in stock. Expect some rejection but be faithful to yourself because again time and effort pays off. No one is a better promoter of your work than you are!