Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Possibly having my Memoirs published

There is a possibility that I could write a novel based on my life. I have to really think hard about this. Who I was and who I am today and how I became. I don't even know where I would start. Would I start with my days in dance? Or would I start with the day I almost drowned at five years old in the pool? Or would I start when I awoke from a dream at the age of three and ran into my parents room and asked them to tell me about Jesus. Would I tell start by telling the world that I have been attacked spiritually ever since the age of youth when I first saw something odd...or would I speak of the fact that a single incident stopped me from going to the order and instead I joined the a single decision changed the possible course of my life forever...? There have been many bifurcations in the roads for me and I have been warned on each side and have ignored each warning side reaping the adverse consequence of it all...where would I start? How could I explain that there is a possible greater purpose for all of the things that I have experienced good or bad...and the insights and the blessings I have gained in between even though of course my life is far from over? How would I start and who would want to read it?

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