Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I am sorry I yelled and fussed and fought…
I am sorry for everything I bought..into
I am sorry for all the wasted years
Filled with pain and arguments and tears
I am sorry for all the struggle and the pain
All the worthless junk that brought us no gain
I am sorry I carried baggage in from the past
I am sorry that there wasn’t happiness to start
That we never really tried, that we hurt each other
That we lied.
I am sorry for all that…and more
I am not sorry however that we never shut the door
I am not sorry that we have a child
I am not sorry that we will walk miles of new years, new fears, new unknowing
New doorways, new beginnings, all through our son.
I am not sorry for every inch of ground that was won…back
With every new understanding, with every breath with every kiss…with every ounce of forgiveness
From our heart,
Knowing that our lives won’t be far apart.
One day we may live in tandem,
In a partnership or in conjunction
And seated in that carriage drawn by horses one before the other…
Representing us.

Angelica D. Carmouche
8 September 2010

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